Evan Rachel-Wood


Child actress-turned-Rose McGowan/Dita Von Teese shoe-filler Evan Rachel Wood played sloppy seconds even as a child: She lost out to a young Kirsten Dunst for a star-launching role in Interview with a Vampire (1994). No Brad Pitt smooches for you, Evan! She was born in Raleigh, North Carolina, on September 7, 1987, and moved to Los Angeles as a child with her mom and brother to pursue acting. Films like Practical Magic (1998) and Thirteen (2003), for which she was nominated for a Golden Globe, were her proving ground. At 19 she was said to have broken up the marriage between Von Teese and shock rocker Marilyn Manson. Months after going public with her relationship, she showed up on the red carpet with pin curled black hair and white makeup -- has Marilyn brought the innocent, natural blond to the dark side? Watch out!

Evan Rachel-Wood

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